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            "I was born and raised in Argentina and now reside in Los Angeles.  I mainly paint figurative and non-representational abstractions. Although classically trained, my art is inspired by the influences of many contemporary national and international artistic movements as well as the energy, vibrancy, and colors of South America and the internal stirrings that these lands, people, and culture cultivated on me.  Relocating to Los Angeles about over 20 years ago influenced my art too, where the importance of human connections, the appreciation for the simplicity of everyday happenings, the intersection of my memories and new experiences, and the rich cultural diversity that surrounds me helped shape my craft.  These experiences along with the impact of the real, and at times, imagined narratives I feel while painting, bring me to an emotional process and technique that defines a familial pathway culminating in each of my paintings at a specific moment in time.  In my figurative work, a subject or theme is chosen from the beginning, but many times an invented surrounding or an ideal world transports me to a desirable language that I express through my painting.  I have always been an avid observer, explorer, and curious person and learned anatomy at an early age during my art training, which was one of the factors that led me to also pursue a career in medicine.  My current figurative abstractions don’t emphasize classical figure or portrait making, but rather reflect the appreciation for human existence and the internal feelings of the people around me. The gestural part of my art resides more in the core of emotions and feelings toward the subject.  I tend to find a restful balance in the simple everyday happenings and happy places that many times transport me back to a less hectic lifestyle. 

            It is in my nonrepresentational abstracts where many intricate layers of paint history, mood, and forms take me to a place of wonder or peace.  I let my imagination wander playfully and try to interlace fluctuating or complementary emotions.  Many of these abstracts represent a feeling of connection between lands and moments in time and all the bridges of humanity. "

- Daniela Schweitzer

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